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5 Smartphone Apps All Pet Owners Will Love

I love pets. I love cats and dogs, in particular. At the same, I also love technical stuff, applications, programming, etc. Many friends consider me the best of both worlds. While that complement is of course, good, It has made me realize that yes, I can live up to that expectation by combining my knowledge on pets, as well as in technical stuff.

The result? I came up with the idea of listing down 5 pet smartphone apps that all pet owners like me, will certainly love. Here is what I have so far:

#5 Relax Alarm Clock Lite

Is this just any other alarm clock? You may ask. Yes, it is. However, what makes it special is that it is particularly helpful for pet owners who cannot live without having their pets near them, especially when they travel. Of course, they can take pictures with them, but this app can make them feel the presence of their beloved pet. It is possible to record audio especially designed to play back good sound quality, and use that record as a wake up alarm sound. Thus, you can simply record your pet’s bark, or meow, and use it as your wake up call.

#4 All Pets Radio Player

If you see that notebooks and pet trackers do not really serve their purpose in providing pet information, then you may want to consider All Pets Radio, which is available on your iPhone (yes, iPhone for now). This streaming radio station has the capability to broadcast news, tips, resources, as well as other interesting details on different types all throughout the day. It can even be considered as a dream application for all pet lovers out there.

#3 Pet Phone

Caring for your pet may no doubt turn out to be really exhausting at time. Still, it is your responsibility as pet owner to make sure that they are doing pretty well in their life. The Pet Phone application works with the purpose of tracking weight history, vet visits, allergies, as well as medications for a headache and stress free process that can certainly make you and your pet very happy.

#2 Off Leash Locator

Dog owners, in particular, constantly look out for different dog parks where they can allow their dogs to roam free without their leash on them. With this off leash locator, you can activate and make use of your phone’s GPS support in order to search for the 5 nearest parks in your vicinity. If you find that there is a park that is not included in the list, you can also submit it on the page.

#1 Pet Notebook

If you consider your pet as a member of your family, then you will certainly find the Pet Notebook app as something which is very helpful in keeping information about your pet. This app provides support such as photo galleries, entering identity information, microchip numbers, custom notes, medications, and other information as well. It’s like an online notebook for your pet.

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The 3 Laptops I’m Considering for My Next Purchase

Being a technical person that I am, with a lot of activities to do on my laptop, I am in constant search for the best find. My current laptop has already served me for quite some time, and so I deem the need to replace it with another one; one that is up-to-date with the latest technologies in laptops, and one that can provide an even better service to all my working techie needs.

I have always wanted to make sure that things are as organized as they can be. So I make sure that I list down all potential options, and narrow them down according to my specifications. At this point, I have come up with a list which includes the 3 laptops that I am considering for my next purchase. If you are also considering the same, check out what I have here. To widen out my perspective, I selected laptops from different manufacturers, comparing them according to their design specifications and capabilities.

#1 MacBook Pro 13-inch (with retina display)

I am an apple fan, no doubt about that.  I consider this MacBook as the best laptop overall. It comes with retina display that carefully combines a good performance of a laptop, coupled with long endurance, as well as high quality display. It has a 2560 x 1600 eye-popping pixel retina display, complete with outstanding colors which are perfect for a techie artist like me. It also has a 4th gen Intel core i5 processor as well as a very fast flash storage drive. The best part? It is very light, at 3.46 lbs chassis. The battery can stay up 9.5 hours, allowing me to use it all day.

#2 Hybrid Laptop – Dell XPS 12

I was very curious about these hybrid laptops that Dell is selling. Well, I have observed that other hybrid laptops only promise the very best of what both worlds can offer, tablet and laptop combined, but in the end, they don’t really par up to the cost of the item. This item, Dell XPS 12, however, is a stand out, because it has a beautiful, 1080 pixel display which has the capability to flip backward, allowing it to turn into a 12 inch tablet. It also has a very comfortable keyboard with an amazingly large touchpad, with over 9 hours battery life.

#3 Lenovo ThinkPad X240

Since I am always out, and sometimes far from electrical sources, I need to make sure that my laptop has a good battery life. With this Lenovo Thinkpad, even an 18 hour flight is not a problem. With this laptop’s extended battery life, at over 20 on a charge, it is by far, the longest on the market. It also comes with a 1080 pixel touch screen, with a responsive keyboard, and a TrackPoint stick. It also boasts of its speedy performance, making sure that you don’t waste your time away just waiting for things to appear on your laptop screen.



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5 Great Resources to Programming Your First Mobile App

Are you looking at mobile application development as a good career? Well, it is, so long as you have the right resources for it. The passion and the motivation is given, otherwise, programming a mobile app will not even enter your mind. Another thing that is very important is knowledge on different programming languages that can be used for mobile app development. This, while possible to be studied personally, may take time, if you do not have the background education needed for you to do so.

As a techie person that I am, I have seen a lot of mobile applications being developed; some have been utterly successful, while some didn’t even sell at all. Remember the case on that flappy bird application? My personal opinion is that, the developer was good, extremely good actually to come up with a game that has become quite addictive. All he lacks was the motivation to go on and face all the challenges related to creating mobile applications. Therefore, if you want to become a good developer, a good foundation is very important. While you already have that motivation going on, you also need extra help to get your first project done. Here are 5 resources that you can use to guide you through programming your very first mobile app.

1. Code With Cris

This website basically explains techniques and resources on how to make iPhone apps (in particular) even if you do not have enough programming experience. Since the target audience are those who do not have any skills in app building, the explanations are fairly simple, with no jargons whatsoever. This is perfect for those who want to test the waters to see whether mobile application development is good for them.


This website will explain the basics on how to write your first computer program. There are also additional resources from different experts in the field who may be able to give you recommendations on how to get on with your first programming project. Details will include the best types of programming languages used in application development, as well as other personalized stuff available for beginners.


This website provides helpful techniques for first time developers. The process of creating your very first mobile application usually starts with identifying which programming language you need to study first. Of course, there are many languages that you can learn, but you need to focus on one first. Then, when you get the pattern of learning, you can eventually go ahead and start learning others without much help needed.


This resource is perfect for those who already have created a picture of an app in their mind but needs extra support from expert programmers. It basically explains different terminologies used in app development, as well as tips on how to enhance your app.

5. Design

This website is a collaborative post of knowledge and resources with the purpose of sharing information related to programming.  It explains procedures with ease, and is perfect even for beginners in the programming world.