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The Merapi Project

Merapi is the bridge between Web and Desktop software 


Merapi, a project run by the team at Roundarch Labs, has been a long time in the making, but on July 14th, 2008 the initial Merapi Alpha release candidate was distributed to the Merapi Alpha community of users.

On Wednesday, May 20th, Merapi is officially Open Source! After almost a year of  heavy development, we have finally released Merapi's Java-to-AIR bridge framework as Open Source, and are hosting the project on Google Code.

Merapi is a technology that can be used as a messaging bridge between applications that run in the Adobe Flash player or Adobe AIR and applications written in Java.

This is really exciting to the Java, Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR development communities and everyone on the Merapi team is excited as can be to start working with this larger community group to uncover bugs, add features and shape the concept of Merapi into the backbone of killer applications across the globe. Since the initial release, the community has provided a lot of feedback to the Merapi team, and the industry has started to take notice of what we are doing, and what Merapi can be used for.

While we are working hard to improve the core functionality and developer experience when using Merapi, members of the Merapi project team are constantly out an about at conferences, user groups, talking to developers,  analysts and members of the "Web" media about what we are doing and about how Merapi can be used to create fundamental changes in the way we design and develop software applications.

For more information about Merapi, how you can use it, how it is being used, and what it means for the future of Web and Desktop software development, we suggest you check out the information posted on this Web site, by searching Google,  reading through the Merapi Project forums, or by checking out some of the Merapi project member's own personal Web sites: Adam Flater (founder, architect) - adamflater.net, Dave Meeker (chief project instigator) - whatanexperience.org, or these other blogs/postings.

To learn more about Roundarch, check out our old (and soon to be re-launched) Web site - roundarch.com.

We will soon be re-designing this Web site, and encourage you to still sign up and create an account. Doing so will allow us to provide you with updates on Merapi and other next-generation technologies developed/supported by Roundarch Labs. To sign up as a member of the Merapi Project Web site. Once we receive your request, we will approve your account and you will get an automated email with your account credentials and other information.