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Introduction to Merapi
Why Merapi Was Created
Building a Bridge between AIR™ and the OS
How Merapi Works
Merapi Project Team
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An Introduction to Merapi

- A volcano on the island of Java
- A software bridge between Adobe AIR applications and Java

Merapi is a bridge between applications written in Java and those running in and created for Adobe AIR™ (Adobe Integrated Runtime™).

Merapi has been designed to run on a user's machine, along with an Adobe AIR™application and providea direct bridge between the Adobe AIR™ framework and Java, exposing the power and overall calabilities of the user's operating system, including 3rd party hardware devices.

With a light weight and straightforward API, developers can leverage the OS by writing Java companion applications for their AIR™ applications. Java programs treat Merapi as a bridge to the running Adobe AIR™ application and vice-versa.

Developers can build their Flex, Flash and AJAX applications for Adobe AIR™, and use Merapi to make them do things that AIR just can't do by itself.

The Merapi project team, is proud to announce that the private alpha release has been completed and is available to select members of the Flex/AIR/Java community. We've had a lot of interest and have been contacted by a variety of individuals who have expressed interest in joining our efforts.

If you'd like to get involved with Merapi as a Alpha user, please register!!