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Introduction to Merapi
Why Merapi Was Created
Building a Bridge between AIR™ and the OS
How Merapi Works
Merapi Project Team
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The Merapi Project

Building a Bridge between Adobe AIR and Java (OS)

Merapi is a Java™ application, intended to run on a user's (client) computer. Merapi connects other Java™ applications on the user's computer to Adobe AIR™ applications that the user has installed.

It isn't magic. You have to develop your Adobe AIR™ application in a way that allows it to connect to Merapi. Merapi acts as a "middle man", passing objects between your AIR™ application and your Java™ application.

Using Merapi, Adobe AIR™ applications can "talk" to other software that the user has installed on their computer. In addition, Merapi allows AIR™ applications to serve as a user interface to just about anything that a Java™ application can do on a user's computer.