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Introduction to Merapi
Why Merapi Was Created
Building a Bridge between AIRâ„¢ and the OS
How Merapi Works
Merapi Project Team
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How Merapi Works

Merapi is a framework that bridges an AIR application with a Java application, both running on the desktop. This communication is accomplished through a class that exists in Java and ActionScript called merapi.Bridge.


The simplest way to interact from AIR to Java is by sending and receiving messages though the bridge.


Merapi: A Bridge between Adobe AIR and Java

Sending a message from ActionScript:


var message : Message = new Message();

message.data = "Hello from Merapi Flex.";

message.type = "Reply";

Bridge.instance.sendMessage( message );



Sending a message from Java:


Bridge bridge = Bridge.getInstance();

Message message = new Message();

message.setData("Hello from Merapi Java.");




Receiving a message in Flex:


id="bridge" result="handleResult(event)" />




private function handleResult( event : ResultEvent ) : void


var message : IMessage = event.result as IMessage;


Receiving a message in Java:

Bridge.getInstance().registerMessageHandler("Reply", messageHandlerInstance );

public void handleMessage( IMessage message )


System.out.println( message.getData() );



More advanced features are available in the framework for creating proxy objects in ActionScript or Java that automatically cause a mirrored instantiations and invocations on the corresponding side of the bridge. This functionality is essentially an abstraction of the basic messaging framework described above.