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Introduction to Merapi
Why Merapi Was Created
Building a Bridge between AIR™ and the OS
How Merapi Works
Merapi Project Team
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The Merapi Project Team

Adam Flater - http://www.adamflater.net
Adam is the originator / creator of the Merapi Project.  He's been a Flex Architect since 2005 and a was a java developer before that. Adam is an Evangelist and Architect at Roundarch and is responsible for the architecture and development of Roundarch's Merapi Platform, which adds a variety of additional features and functionality over and beyond the original Merapi Open source project. These platform-specific enhancements include integration with Microsoft Silverlight, .NET, AJAX and other Rich Internet and Desktop Platforms / Operating Systems.

Dave Meeker - http://www.whatanexperience.org
Dave has been leading Software and Web application design and development projects since 1995 and specializes in user experience strategy and creative technology. Dave's been working with Flash player content since 1996 and has been designing Flex applications since 2003. Previously with Whittmanhart and Managing Partner of EffectiveUI, he now works at Roundarch as Director of Emerging Technology and Co-Director of Roundarch Labs and oversees partner relationships with Adobe and Microsoft. Dave has been working with Adam to bring Merapi to market, working with companies such as  Microsoft and Adobe to guide the roadmap and development of both the Merapi open source project, and the Roundarch Merapi platform, that extends beyond Java and Adobe AIR.

Very special thanks to:

Andrew Powell - http://www.infoaccelerator.net
Andrew has been architecting and developing web applications for over 10 years using ColdFusion, Flex, AJAX, and Java. Currently, his focus is on integrating enterprise Java technologies such as Spring and Hibernate with Flex and AIR applications. Andrew works for Universal Mind. Andrew has been giving talks on how to use Merapi since Adam released the very first private alpha code release and has built some fantastic applications that leverage external hardware.